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welcome to our cheerleading gym!


Established in 2009, Alpha Athletics is a complete all-star cheer gym for boys and girls beginning at age 3. Alpha currently offers multiple cheer, tumble, & hip hop dance classes but specialize in all-star squads. 
​Whether you want to introduce your 3 year old to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete find a competitive squad, we're here to help you succeed in our fun, family-friendly environment.





Our brand new gym has more than enough room to grow. The space is 12,000 sq ft. that has two practice floors. One is 9 panels of spring floor and the other is 7 panels of dead mat floor. We also have a small tumbltrak trampoline. As we grow, we will continue to expand our floor. We have a children's play area in the front lobby. Seats for families, a kitchen area that includes a mini snack bar, two secluded desks for parents who need to get work done, and a parent's only glass viewing area.


2031 Production Dr.
Apex, NC 27539

See one of our All-Star Cheerleaders below:

This is Sara, and she made a video for her school project. She chose to discuss cheerleading. 

The video will briefly become silent after she introduces herself. Just keep watching.

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Our new address is:

2031 Production Dr.
​Apex, NC