Joining Rockstar in Holly Springs on May 14, 2017. 
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Our Silly Pup: Ozzy.
We are unlike any cheer gym in the world. The most obvious would be that we have a Pup named Ozzy. She is our 35 pound Coach Of Cuteness and can be seen romping around with the kids during camp and napping in her zebra chair during classes. No matter what she is doing, she is usually not too far from her blanky. 


Alpha Athletics was created in December 2008 by Kayleigh Scott. From 2008 to 2011, Alpha Athletics did not have a permanent location. Instead, they rented space from Life Time Fitness, Championship Martial Arts, and Team Attraction Gymnastics, just to name a few. Initially, they taught recreational cheerleading and tumbling, but ventured into competitive cheer in 2009. That year, their competitive was undefeated and Coach Kayleigh knew her adventure was only beginning. Since then, they have added at least one new competitive team each year.

As their enrollment numbers began to grow, the realized that it was time to get serious and find a gym of their own. In May of 2011, Alpha Athletics opened the doors to their very own gym in Cary. It was a small gym, with only 1250 sq ft. With their own space, they were able to further expand their programs to include, Parent's Night Out events, Track Out & Summer Camp programs, Birthday Parties, All Star Parent Squad, Tumbling classes, Cheer Clinics and more. Less than a year later, their enrollment had doubled and it was time to move again. In the Summer of 2012, they moved to a larger gym of 2450 sq ft. Once again, within the year the enrollment numbers doubled and they were forced to look for yet another gym space.

In September 2013, they found their dream gym. After some very rocky construction issues, they finally moved in December 2013.
This new gym is 12,000 sq ft. After moving into this gym, they began seeing a huge increase in their scores at competition. The ended the 2013-2014 season with their best record yet.

The growth of this gym in such a short period of time is purely amazing. 

We have made sure that no matter how much we grow, we continue to take the time to "know" the children.
We believe that this is why we are so successful.


Our Mascot


Alpha Athletics is a educational and fun introduction to cheerleading. Our goal is to focus on coaching children and teens in the fundamentals of cheerleading, as well as, to instill developmental skills that will be important tools in life. 

Our program develops teamwork and a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
• • • • • • • •

We are proud to say that we are unlike any cheerleading gym in the area.
Our top focus is to offer a fun, yet challenging programs that the students look forward to attending.
We try to take our coaching to the next level by not only advancing each students' skill level, but by also getting to know them as individuals and make sure that they are having FUN.
We take the time to speak with the parents and learn about their family. 
For the students that we see more frequently, we even make the effort to learn the names of the family pets. 
These may seem like little, insignificant details, but it is something that we pride ourselves in.


We try to make the waiting area equally inviting and family-friendly.
We have a kids waiting area with blocks, toys, Netflix, and games.
We have a kitchen for families who don't have a second to spare and need to eat.
We have a parent's only conference room has a great view into the gym.
We have a spacious, main lobby that looks into the gym. 
We have three private desks for parents who wish to work while their child practices or for students that need some quiet time to do homework

 We recently moved to our newest gym in December 2013. The entire building is 12,000 sq ft.
The practice area contains three floors. Two floors are full regulation floors that each measure 54' x 42'.

One of the full floors is a spring floor. We also have an extended spring tumble strip that is 75' x 12'.
All floors are carpet bonded foam mats.