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Classes switch over to the Holly Springs location on May 1st for Sunday classes. 

Weekday classes will continue at Alpha through

Wednesday, May 10th. 

All Students should e-mail

to be properly registered into the classes in May at Rockstar. 

125 Quantum Dr, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Class Description: Rec Tumble

Our Rec Tumble classes are lead by our all-star tumble coaches. 

Unlike gymnastics, our classes only focus on tumbling (flips), strength training, and flexibility.
Participants in these classes are asked to wear sneakers and to avoid wearing leotards. 

Each tumble class will begin with warm ups that focus on proper technique, body position, and upper body strength. After warm ups, groups will be divided into stations based on skill level. Stations will rotate and each student will be spotted by at least one trained tumble coach. Students will work on forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges, back bends, kickovers, and walkovers.  Once the athlete has mastered these basic skills, they will learn intermediate tumbling including back handsprings, back tucks, and various forms of running/standing tumbling. 

We will continue to push each child to their full potential, all while keeping the class fun.

With multiple coaches on hand, we are able to separate the athletes who need more of a challenge. 

Class Description: Rec Cheer & Tumble

Cheer & tumble classes help students master skills from stunts and jumps to tumble and teamwork. Whether they are beginners or just brushing up before tryouts, this class will definitely help. Classes are divided by age. We have multiple coaches per team, which allow us to further break up these groups by skill level when necessary.

Over the last two decades, cheerleading has drastically evolved. The traditional form of cheerleading is now called "sideline" cheer. These cheerleaders attend sporting events such as football and basketball and clap, stomp, and cheer for the game. These are the ones that you see shaking poms.
(Although most sideline cheerleaders no longer use poms)

At Alpha, we specialize in All-Star cheerleading. This type of cheer is strictly governed by a set of rules made by the USASF. These cheerleaders are challenged and pushed much harder than traditional sideline cheerleaders. The all-stars learn a routine that consists of dance, advanced tumbling, stunts, pyramids, and perform them at cheer competitions. These events give the cheer squads an opportunity to compete against other teams within their division.

We prefer all-star over sideline because it is much more challenging. The cheerleaders can begin at a low level in all-stars and work their way up through the levels based on their skill. As many of our cheerleaders would say, "It's just more fun".

Since we are a competitive, All-star gym, our Rec Classes are taught with All-star cheer in mind, so instead of learning cheers and chants, we will typically focus much more on tumbling and stunting. We will occasionally teach a cheer to the younger group because we want them to see the multiple sides of cheer.

Every session, our lesson plans change so cheerleaders will always have something new and fun to learn. 

Cheerleaders are NOT required to purchase anything to participate in our program.
​The uniforms shown on the website are of our all-star cheerleaders.

Paying for the session

You can pay for your classes in a few different ways. 
1) Check or card on the first practice of the month
2) Over the phone with a card
​3) Online here

Cost to participate

$70 per month

What to wear

​We recommend students don comfortable clothing such as a T-Shirt and shorts/pants, sneakers, and a ponytail. 

Please, no leotards or bare feet.

How to register


Joining Rockstar in Holly Springs on May 14, 2017. 
125 Quantum Dr, Holly Springs, NC 27540